Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery – Part 2

Lewis and Clark Stamp
150th anniversary stamp of the Lewis and Clark expedition

In this episode, Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery head up the Missouri River in the spring of 1804. We take time to learn about life in the Corps as they push toward the native Indian nations that lay ahead of them.

The map below shows the expedition’s route up the Missouri – including the spot where Sergeant Floyd died.


Images courtesy of Wikipedia.

Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery – Part 1

Lewis and ClarkIn Part 1 of our series, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark prepare to lead the Corps of Discovery west in an attempt to reach the Pacific Ocean. In this episode, we go into the background of the Louisiana Territory, discuss the man most responsible for the expedition (Thomas Jefferson), and look into the backgrounds of Lewis and Clark. We then get the two men to St. Louis as they assemble their expedition – and prepare to head into the unknown.

Below is a map showing the general boundaries of the major North American powers after the United States purchased the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803. It also shows the route of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.


Images courtesy of Wikipedia.