Francis Drake – Part 1 – The Early Years

Francis Drake – Portrait from 1581

In our new series on the Explorers Podcast, we look at the life of English explorer, admiral and privateer Francis Drake. In our first episode, we look at Drake’s younger years, including the voyages he made to Africa and the Caribbean in the 1560s – culminating in the Battle of San Juan de Ulúa in 1568.

This map below shows the important locations discussed in Part 1 of our series on Francis Drake. Click on the map to see a larger version of it.

The image below depicts the Battle of San Juan de Ulúa in 1568.

All images courtesy of Wikipedia.

Diogo Cão and the Exploration of West Africa

In this episode of the Explorers Podcast, Portuguese explorer Diogo Cão travels down the coast of west Africa in the 1480s, becoming the first European to discover the Congo River, and setting the stage for others to round the tip of the continent.

The Map below shows the key locations we talk about in this episode.


Diogo CãoWikipedia – Not a lot is known about Cão, and the vast majority of sites with biographies pretty much say the same thing as Wikipedia.

Crossing the Ocean Seas by Mary Ames Mitchell is a nice online resource about Cão – and many other exploration-related items.

The Voyages of Diogo Cão and Bartholomeu Dias, 1482-88, by Ernst Georg Ravenstein, and an old (1900) book, but is one of the few that discusses the voyages of Cão.


Images courtesy of Wikipedia.