The Lost Franklin Expedition – Part 2

Captain Francis Crozier
Captain Francis Crozier

The Franklin Expedition disappears in the Canadian Arctic while trying to find the Northwest Passage.

Part 2 in our series examines the tragic fate of Franklin, his men and their ships – and the 170+ years of searching for clues to the expedition’s ultimate end.

The map below offers a look at the key locations around King William Island mentioned in this podcast.

The image below displays the note left in the cairn at Victory Point. The original note was written by Lt. Graham Gore. The notes in the margins were then added the following year by Captain Fitzjames. It is the last communication from the expedition.


There are many books and sites devoted to the Franklin Expedition. I’ve included a few here.

Frozen in Time: The Fate of the Franklin Expedition – by Owen Beattie and John Geiger (1987) – While there have been quite a recent books about the Franklin Expedition, this was the best. Also, the book has been updated to reflect some more recent findings regarding the expedition.

The Terror – by Dan Simmons (2007) – This is a riveting fictionalized version of the Franklin Expedition, incorporating elements of fantasy and horror. Be warned, the book is pretty intense, so it is definitely not for children.



Images courtesy of Wikipedia.

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