Vladimir Atlasov and the Exploration of Kamchatka

In this episode, Cossack Vladimir Atlasov explores the Kamchatka Peninsula in the late 1690s – claiming it for the Russian Empire.


There are not a lot of sources on Vladimir Atlasov. Below are the items that I was able to draw from for this podcast.

Russian Push Toward Japan by George Alexander Lensen.

Eastward to Empir: Exploration and Conquest on the Russian Open Frontier to 1750 by George V. Lantzeff, Richard A. Pierce

An English-language Russian military site had some details about Atlasov, including these two separate (but similar) articles:

Wikipedia page on Vladimir Atlasov

The maps below should help understand the journey of Vladimir Atlasov.

Kamchatka circa 1700, including approximate map of the route taken by Vladimir Atlasov