Abel Tasman

In the 1640s, Dutch explorer Abel Tasman would lead two important expeditions of discovery in the Far East. In the process, he would become the first European to reach Tasmania and New Zealand – and a bunch of South Pacific Islands.


Abel Tasman – Part 1 – Tasmania and New Zealand

In part 1 of our series, we do some background on Dutch exploration in the Far East – including a look at the famed Dutch East India Company. We then follow Tasman as he leads two ships in search of the mysterious ‘Southland’.

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Abel Tasman – Part 2 – the South Seas, New Guinea and Australia

In part 2 of our series, Abel Tasman wraps up his first voyage of discovery, then undertakes a second expedition – exploring the area between New Guinea and Australia.

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Tasman’s Routes
Source: Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=506688


Abel Janszoon Tasman’s Journal – by Abel Tasman. Read Tasman’s journal online for free – with lots of annotations.

Abel Tasman Wikipedia page.

The Tasman Map – found at the State Library of New South Wales in Australia.

The Tasman Map floor mural – found at the State Library of New South Wales in Australia.