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James Cook

Captain James Cook in one history’s most famous explorers. He conducted three expeditions to the Pacific, opening up countless new lands to the western world – including New Zealand, Australia and all sorts of islands. In all of this, he would sail from the Arctic to the Antarctic – perhaps the most prolific naval explorer in history. 

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Abel Tasman

Abel Tasman

In the 1640s, Dutch explorer Abel Tasman would lead two important expeditions of discovery in the Far East. In the process, he would become the first European to reach Tasmania and New Zealand – and a bunch of South Pacific Islands. Check out this 2-part series.

Alice Morrison

In this episode, we have a conversation with modern-day explorer, traveler and adventurer Alice Morrison – who has been described as ‘Indiana Jones for Girls.’ Morrison, who didn’t start adventuring until she was 48, has traipsed all over the world, including Africa, the Middle East, the Himalayas, and South and Central America. In that time, she has written four books, produced a BBC documentary about her journey to Timbuktu, and documented her journeys on YouTube, Instagram, a blog and a podcast.

Fridtjof Nansen

Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen is considered one of the father’s of modern polar exploration. He would be the first person to cross Greenland, and make a famed effort for the North Pole. In doing so, he pioneered many tactics used by successful polar explorers to this day. But Nansen wasn’t just an explorer. He was a ground breaking scientist and a diplomat, and received a Nobel Prize for his humanitarian efforts later in his life.

Yuri Gagarin

In this episode, we look at the life of Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, who in 1961, would become the first human to achieve space flight. This show follows Gagarin’s early years, how he got into the Soviet space program, the rivalry between the Russians and the Americans, his famous flight, and the his latter years.

Brendan the Navigator

In this episode, we look at the life – a legendary voyage – of Irish monk Saint Brendan of Clonfert (aka Brendan the Navigator, Brendan the Voyager, and Brendan the Bold). We dive into the text of Brendan’s voyage to paradise – and investigate what – if any of it – has a place in the real world. Could Brendan have reached North America a thousand years before Columbus? And 500 years before the Vikings? 

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