George Mallory and the Assault on Everest

In the early 1920s, British mountaineer George Mallory would be the lead climber in three expeditions to Mount Everest. The goal was to become the first to scale the world’s highest peak.


George Mallory and the Assault on Everest – Part 1
In 1921, British mountaineer George Mallory would travel to the Himalayas as part of the Mount Everest reconnaissance expedition. The job was to find a way to Mount Everest – the highest spot in the world – and identify a way to scale the mountain. And – if possible – make a play for the summit. 

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Map shows the location of the mountains, key glaciers and passes around Everest.

Image by Thincat – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

People and Places

  • George Mallory
  • Charles Howard-Bury – Leader of 1921 expedition
  • Guy Bullock – climber on 1921 expedition
  • Alexander Kellas – Climber on 1921 expedition – died of heart failure before reaching Everest
  • Harold Raeburn – Lead climber on 1921 expedition – had to return to India due to illness
  • Sandy Wollaston – Doctor and naturalist on 1921 expedition
  • Alexander Heron – Geologist on 1921 expedition
  • Oliver Wheeler – Surveyor on 1921 expedition
  • Henry Morshead – Surveyor on 1921 expedition

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