Huts of Antarctica

Amy Chiuchiolo worked 15 years in Antarctica in the McMurdo area – not far from the haunts of Shackleton and Scott – as a lab technician/field team leader on a project doing work in ice covered lakes. In that time, she was able to visit all three of the huts used by the Discovery, Nimrod, Terra Nova and Aurora expeditions.

Amy graciously shared with the Explorers Podcast a trove of photos of these huts and the surrounding region. What you’ll see is the hut built by Scott on the Discovery Expedition (which Shackleton was a key part of), the hut built by Shackleton at Cape Royds for the Nimrod Expedition, and the hut built by Scott at Cape Evans.

Please note that the restoration of these three historic huts began in 2006 – so some of the images you see may be pre-restoration. Also, the huts weren’t just used a single time. Later expeditions would use the building constructed by earlier groups.

Anyhow, I’ve posted a bunch of the photos – grouping them by location. But please know I might have some mistakes. Also, I’ve put a few notes on some the photos – things I thought might be of interest – or notations provided by Amy.

I hope you enjoy these.

Again, HUGE thank you to Amy Chiuchiolo for all of these. All these photos are her’s. Amy continues to work in Antarctica, although on a research ship as a lab manager.

Note: Click on the images to see a larger version – the detail is pretty amazing on many of these.

Discovery Hut (Hut Point) – Established by Scott on the Discovery Expedition

Note: the Discovery Hut does include items from Scott’s 1910 Expedition.

Note the red arrow in the left corner. This is the Discovery Hut as seen from the modern-day McMurdo Research Sation.

Cape Royd’s – Established by Shackleton on the Nimrod Expedition

Cape Evans – Established by Scott on the Terra Nova Expedition