Everest 1922: Interview with author Mick Conefrey

In this episode, I have a wide-ranging discussion with author Mick Conefrey, who’s new book, ‘Everest 1922’, goes into depth on the first ever attempt on the world’s highest peak.

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Everest 1922: https://www.mickconefrey.co.uk/books/everest-1922

About Mick Conefrey

Mick Conefrey is an award-winning writer and documentary film maker. He created the landmark BBCseries The Race for Everest to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the first ascent. His previous books include The Adventurer’s Handbook; Everest 1953, the winner of a Leggimontagna Award; and The Ghosts of K2, which won a U.S. National Outdoor Book Award. Conefrey lives in England.